Tuesday, 13 March 2007


42 will be written by Chris Chibnall who has also wrote for Torchwood. Apparently, it has a spaceship and a sun being pulled into the sun with Martha and The Doctor along with it. Although I have found an interesting sypnosis by an anonymous person:

42 is named after the number of minutes the story takes: it's all in real time. The Doctor, Martha and their travelling companion (sorry, can't say more about that) arrive in a freighter that's heading for Mars. Straight for Mars - a saboteur on board is trying to prevent the ship's cargo from reaching its destination, and has locked the navigation computer onto a crash course. The Doctor has 42 minutes to avert disaster and uncover the enemy - while also having to deal with the consequences of what he did in 3.6, win Martha's friendship back, and deal with one of the ship's crew who bears a grudge against "the Doctor". After all, this crewman comes from Mars in the first place, and his race have history with the "last of the Time Lords"...

There is also speculation that the crew of Sanctuary Base 6 will be returning.

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