Monday, 12 March 2007

Daleks In Manhatten

It's Thirties New York and, in the midst of the Depression, people are disappearing off the streets, as Russell T Davies's Doctor Who continues. Savage Pig Men hide in the sewers and, at the very top of the Empire State Building, the Doctor's oldest enemies are at work, preparing their most audacious plan yet.

David Tennant stars as the Doctor and Freema Agyeman plays his new companion, Martha Jones. Miranda Raison and Ryan Carnes guest star.


Setting: NY, 1930s

Enemies: The Daleks, the pigmen, the Dalek/ Human hybrid

Best Guest: Miranda Raison

Best Moment: The unveiling of Dalek Sec's new form

Worst Moment: The builders drilling the Dalekanium onto the Empire State Building.

Best FX: The NY skyscape.

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Did you spot...: the fact that Dalek Sec is the first Dalek to wear shoes?
The WWI (Great War) references?

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