Wednesday, 21 March 2007

I love a good book!

OK everyone. Here is a post to remind you that in the 10 days until Doctor Who restarts, we have BOOKS to keep us company. Here is a list of all the DW books on sale. They can bought bought from Amzon and all good book shops.

The Clockwise Man
The Monsters Inside
Winner Takes All
The Deviant Strain
Only Human
The Stealers Of Dreams
The Stone Rose
The Feast Of The Drowned
The Resurrection Casket
The Art Of Destruction
The Nightmare Of Black Island
The Price Of Paradise
I Am A Dalek
Made Of Steel

And still to be released....

The Sting Of The Zygons
Wooden Heart
The Last Dodo
Forever Autumn
The Wicked Bungalow (or it's called The Sick Building, I've heard both....)

As a total bibliomaniac I plan on completing my collection before the news ones come out. See you later.


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