Thursday, 5 April 2007

Have I got news for you!

Well, then. I divide all the news I have into handy little sections. Good ol' me :-)

  • Doctor Who Series 3 News: The upcoming episode of Doctor Who is called The Shakespeare Code. Look at my episode guide for it on the right to find out everything I know about it. Well, nearly everything.
  • Torchwood Series 2 News: Filming starts on the 30th of April. Episode 1 is rumoured to be called Fresh Start. Jack is rumoured to come back in episode 3. The Hub is getting a makeover, with a brand new Boardroom. Any ideas what it might look like, post in the comments section. Well, having it's windows blown out must have down a lot of damage to the inside as well. The 1st block is dirceted by Andy Goddard. John Barrowman will be signing TW audiobooks on Saturday 28th April, Border's bookstore, Oxford Circus, London. I'm a sctosman (like JB) so I can't make it. Will someone say how it goes?
  • The SJA Series News: SJA filming starts on April 16th. Alice Troughton will direct block 1. Kelsey will not be returning to the show but apparently they have a new team member...
  • Life On Mars News: OK, I've been a very bad Martian. I missed the last 2 episodes of LoM! But I'll be watching the last one because it sounds really good.
  • Site News: Because I only got 1 reply from my query thing, I'm going to keep the TWS2 episode guide.

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