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Ok, first point here. The BBC DW Website has been updated. It now includes a prologue for 42, a new trailer and 2 pop quizes.

Now, everyone else seems to be reporting on this so I will too. Ages ago, Torchwood.TV reported about an artice on Sci-Fi Pulse about Jack returning. Here is an excerpt:


“First off as already stated the episode starts in Cardiff Bay where the Doctor and Martha set down to use the spatial rifts energy in order to recharge the Tardis.” Phibes revealed.
“Obviously this episode picks up where the finale of Torchwood left off as far as the fate of Captain Jack is concerned anyway.”

“While the Doctor and Martha are enjoying a quick banter about Cardiff we will see Captain Jack running and shouting after the Doctor only to barely latch onto the Tardis as it dematerialises, this one moment promises to be a rather impressive CGI shot which is illustrated by the script excerpt included below.”

FX: Time Vortex

CU Captain Jack, yelling in agony, his head against the wooden Tardis door –

FX: CUT TO WIDER – and he’s clinging on, yelling, to the outside of the Tardis as it hurtles through the vortex

Now that sounds good! They are supposed to go to the year 100,000,000,000,000.

THE DOCTOR: Strictly speaking, the ending’s way off. This is more like, the end of life in the universe.

MARTHA: So what’s out there?

THE DOCTOR: I don’t know

MARTHA: Ooh, say that again, that’s rare.

The DOCTOR: Not even the Time Lords came this far. It’s all just theory. We should leave. We should go. We should really, really go…

And he grins, grabs his coat, he & Martha run out.

"While there aside from meeting Jack they encounter two distinct races of humanity. One known as the Futurekind and the other who are normal human beings. It is this aspect which is the central mystery of the episode."

Next is a bit of banter between Jack and The Doctor.

"Indeed, it turns out that our friend Captain Jack was able to utilise a primitive form of Time Travel, however it is far from a Tardis, and below is some quite funny banter between Jack and the Doctor about our good captains chosen way of time travel."

(Script Excerpt below of banter between The Doctor & Captain Jack).

EXT. MOORLAND – NIGHTTHE DOCTOR, MARTHA & JACK – MARTHA with medical satchel, Jack with rucksack – striding along, heading up a gradual incline. The Doctor ahead, trying not to join in. All on the hoof, rattling it off, fast. To Martha –

CAPTAIN JACK: …so there I was, stranded in the year two – hundred – one – hundred, ankle deep in Dalek dust, he goes off without me, but I had this –

(his wrist – strap)

I used to be a Time Agent, it’s called a Vortex Manipulator, he’s not the only one who can time travel –

THE DOCTOR: Excuse me, that’s not time travel. It’s like, I’ve got a sports car, you’ve got a Space Hopper.

MARTHA: Oh, boys and their toys.

CAPTAIN JACK: All right, so I bounced, I thought, Twenty – first century, that’s the best place to find the Doctor. Except I got it a little bit wrong, arrived in 1880, and this thing burnt out, so it was useless –

THE DOCTOR: Told you!

CAPTAIN JACK: - then I had to live through the entire twentieth century, waiting to find the version of you that would coincide with me –

MARTHA: But that makes you more than a hundred years old.

CAPTAIN JACK: And looking good, don’t you think? So, I went to the Time Rift, cos I knew you’d come back to refuel, until finally, I get a signal on this thing, detecting you – (his rucksack)
- and here we are!

Of course as the episode progresses we see plenty of locations ranging from missile silos to quarries. Yes you heard right. Quarries, but as the above script excerpts illustrate the episode will answer a fair few questions regarding what happened to Captain Jack after the Doctor and Rose departed for earth after he regenerated. So well worth viewing this episode, which is, number 11 in the running order and is titled Utopia

So I gotta say, this looks good!

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