Friday, 27 April 2007


Hello again. I'm back from my holiday. It rocked. Drew some parallels to Doctor Who, as well...

Now some news. Over at, there are some fantastic set photos.

Digital Spy has a good article about upcoming stuff on the DW website:

The BBC is launching an online interactive Doctor Who comic book that will enable fans to take their very own trip of a lifetime in the Tardis alongside the Time Lord.

"For the very first time, fans of the show will be able to create their own magical Doctor Who adventure and bring it to life,” says the sci-fi drama’s supremo Russell T Davies, who will also offer online guidance to the participants on how to construct their journey. Users will also be able to upload a photograph of themselves to the site for use in the comic.

“The amazing Comic Maker will allow fans to interact with every aspect ofthe exciting world of Doctor Who,” added Davies. “This is your chance to be the Doctor's companion and take on the Daleks in your very own Doctor Who comic."

A comic constructed by one of the cast and crew will be featured on the website every month, starting with Davies, in addition to awards for the best comics created.

The exciting new initiative is set to be launched today (Friday) on the site.

For more Doctor Who news, reviews and spoilers click here.

Well that looks fun!

That's all for now, folks. But remember, tomorrow, the Daleks will be back...

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