Saturday, 5 May 2007


First things first, the title is because people need help. So first...
Raxxie's blog, Doctor Who.TV is closing today. If possible, could anyone help him with contributions?
I'll help you now, so here's a guide to all the abbrievations I use:

DW: Doctor Who
TW: Torchwood
SJA: The Sarah Jane Adventures
LoM: Life On Mars
A2A: Ashes To Ashes
And finally I need help. I would like to know if anyone know where I could get, or could make me, a map of the Hub. I wanted to make it in the Sims 2 but couldn't without this. So thanks in advance.
Oh, and some news. I think i know what the "special surprise" is that's promised after The Lazarus Experiment! I think it's a political broadcast by Harold Saxon himself!


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