Saturday, 5 May 2007

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I'm scrapping both my feature things. I really don't have time. The blog will still be acitve, though!
From DigitalSpy:

Tonight I am going to perform a miracle. It will change the way in which humans devour spoilers. Oh okay, that’s slightly over-egging the pudding, but for our own little experiment you’ll find that not one but two of the following paragraphs are utter codswallop (much underrated word by the way). So read on for some devilishly teasery morsels of information about the goings on at Lazarus Laboratories, or LazLabs if you want extra street cred…

Remember The Doctor’s love/hate relationship with Rose’s mother Jackie Tyler? At first she makes a not so subtle advance towards him, but before long she’s giving him a strong slap across his 900 year old face. Well, The Doctor’s initial encounter with Martha’s mother Francine closely resembles one of the two above reactions from Jackie. It’s fair to say that our favourite Time Lord definitely makes Francine wet…

The Saxon undercurrents are stronger than ever in this episode. Not only do we learn the guy’s first name, but we also discover his less than friendly stance towards The Doctor.Martha’s brother Leo makes an appearance. Along with receiving concussion, he’s also recruited by Saxon’s agents to keep tabs on his sister and her time-travelling friend. The reward for supplying this information is something out of this world and every red-blooded male’s fantasy…

The Doctor professes to be a fan of ‘nibbles’. He devours one with such relish that you can imagine a special Vol-Au-Vent storeroom in the Tardis that he’d never dream of jettisoning (unlike the swimming pool).

The Doctor and Martha become trapped in Lazarus’s age-defying machine, which is then switched on and regresses them to their youth. In a brief moment we discover what the Time Lord looked like at the start of his first incarnation, using CGI to resemble a young William Hartnell. Before the process can be finalised, The Doctor deactivates the machine and is returned to normal along with Martha. The experiment by Richard Lazarus not only gives him a more youthful look, but it activates dormant genes within the human DNA – to horrific effect.

Lazarus acts rather like Florence the Plasmavore from ‘Smith and Jones’ at times, although he demonstrates less etiquette by not even using a straw. What bad manners!

Post the 2 things that you think are wrong in the comments section. I'm going now coz Friends is on. Enjoy your Doctor Who Saturday!

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