Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Please strap yourself in, as we go to Utopia!

OK, rubbish title, but I'm in one of those moods. Now, sorry for pinching your post jackharkness, but this sounds so good!

Is that a result of Jack's experiences in the new series of Doctor Who?

Jack does get to resolve a lot of his issues in these three episodes. You find out a huge amount about him, including a huge secret that you could never ever possibly imagine. When you discover what it is, your jaw will actually hit the floor! I jumped around the room when I read the script. Then I ran into David's trailer screaming, "Oh my God!" He'd been teasing me for days because he'd already seen it, and he just said, "It's really cool, isn't it?"

Doesn't that sound good? Oh, and Martha's blog has a new post: www.myspace.com/marthajonesuk

And a note about the Torchwood episode guide. It is a big list of what I want to happen, based on what I know about Torchwood Series 2. IT IS NOT OFFICIAL OR CONFIRMED IN ANY WAY! Just so that you know.


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