Friday, 1 June 2007

The Institute Season.

Ok, after rooting about on a forum, I cam across this idea. I think we should create our own season of Doctor Who. It will be a 10th Doctor/ Martha series. The series will go like this:

Episode 1: New Beginning by Paul: Earth Defence (me!)
Episode 2: TBC
Episode 3: TBC
Episode 4/5: TBC
Episode 6: TBC
Episode 7: TBC
Episode 8/9: TBC
Episode 10: TBC
Episode 11: TBC
Episode 12/13: Fisrt part TBC, second part: Untitled by me (again.)

If anyone wants to sign up, please leave a note in the comments section with your name, your email and what slot you want. Everything TBC is available. It is possible I will post it on A Teaspoon And Open Mind. Please reply!


1 comment:

Bad Wolf said...

hey paul ill help if u tell me wht i need to do ie script story synopsis what ever. contact m ehere asap as i leave on hoilday on tuesdayy